8:52 am

Bedding and all other resources are lined up. We are ready to optimize comfort for these critters.

9:00 am

The Templeton Rye Heritage Pork Project is officially underway. The piglets were farrowed back in November, but we’ll have pictures of them up soon. Stay tuned!

October 2013

Templeton Rye works with its breeder to select the boar and sows for the project.

November/December 2013

The unique feed formulated from spent grain-mash is created.

February 2014

Breeder selects piglets to be fed and raised on the unique diet.

May 2014

Templeton Rye reviews inquiries and chooses partners to participate in the project.

June/July 2014

Pigs are processed and made available to restaurants and the public.

Feeding and Diet Schedule