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Are you a passionate or an aspiring content writer? Is writing for blogs and various websites your hobby and a second or primary source of income as your profession? Do you often look for recognition of your write-ups for the websites you write?

Are you looking for an opportunity to be known as an author globally? Maybe something that you can flaunt amongst your friends, relatives, etc.

If an answer to these questions is a ‘Yes, you have just landed at one of the best platforms for your passion for writing. Well, we are sure that your mind is now running into many thoughts with questions like, What, Why, How, and Where, is this possible?

Alright, let us pause your thoughts for a moment and deep dive into more details as we proceed to answer all your questions. How about that?

Thinking of these many questions, content writing, blog writing, and freelance writing has been trending for a few years now. However, as time has leaped, writers are more interested to be known for the content they generally write. Would you agree more or less? Yes! See, we are in sync here.

 First, let us reveal the unrevealed, that is, where do you get either paid or recognized for all the efforts that you made to complete your write-up. Ready? Awesome!

We are templetonryeporkproject.com and we offer you both value and or recognition for the hard work you put in writing your own content.

Who We Are

templetonryeporkproject.com is the platform we have been talking about. Writing is not an art that everyone can master.

We are always hunting for aspiring, passionate, and professional writers and authors, who could help us to help them to get the best of their invested time and efforts.

Well, what are you waiting for? Read further to get answers to the rest of your questions. However, before you do so if you have some amazing and creative ideas, great writing skills and would like to write for us, do ensure to contact us using the form available towards the end of this page.

Looks like you are all set to move further to know more about this, well, in that case, it is certainly a moment to shift the gears then to more about making a living and getting known about your write-ups.

Write for Us Paid

templetonryeporkproject.com has been uniquely set up with a thought of readers like yourself who aspire to write, however, could not due to many reasons (could be each of its own).

All our readers whether experienced or not as writers simply need to put a list of content together and send it in

You must be imagining, what’s the deal and how does this work?

It is simple and easy, as our readers, you know what you or other readers would love to read, and publishing the write list by you could fetch us more readers like yourself. You must be thinking if you need to be a professional writer for doing all this, however, here’s an eye-opener you are just required to be good with language, make your listing a fun read even, or express your love for something unusual yet of interest to others no matter what part of the globe are you from.

Good so far? Great! Let us talk about what fetches bring in money for you or what exactly ‘Write for Us Paid’ means.

In simple words, your listing generates a fan base or attracts more readers and if it is huge enough, you become our resident and paid writer immediately.

Remember this happens and you are an author with templetonryeporkproject.com

Write for Us and Get Paid

templetonryeporkproject.com provides you with another platform under Write for Us as Write for Us and Get Paid.

Is it easy to understand? If not, let us make it simpler to understand:

  • You write an article piece for us and send it.
  • We examine it to ensure:
    • The article piece is in your own words – 100% original
    • Good Language without grammatical errors.
    • Meeting the guidelines.
  • We push it out to publish on our website and pay you for your efforts as per your content or our agreement which can be the number of words, length of the article etc.

Write for us and get paid is an easy way for passionate writers who want to make quick bucks, however, templetonryeporkproject.com. com will post your piece as their own once your payments have been settled.

For all the writers who are looking for some quick income, ‘Write for Us and Get Paid’ is recommended.

Write for us Blog

templetonryeporkproject.com says, “Be Our Guest”. You write, and you are just looking for your name to be out there and seen as an author with your amazingly beautiful picture and a quick bio.

Write for us Blog has been tailored with a concept of “You write, and we Promote”. What does that mean is you become a guest author for templetonryeporkproject.com.

You must be thinking, “What’s in it for you?”

If you are a professional or an amateur writer, and you would want to flaunt this to your friends with the posts in your name. Write to us Blog provides you an ample opportunity in order to become the blogger that you have wanted to be.

We will love to publish your posts on our blog and promote them with your name as an author. This means at the end of the day; you are known as an author and your posts are being read by thousands of our readers.

SEO : Write for US

You must know that Google is one of the largest search engines in the world. Are you in an agreement? Yes, this is wonderful.

SEO Write for Us would hence mean that you are an expert writer who can optimize the content based on keywords for the article on the website to be published amongst.

Our basic expectation is for you to write creative and attractive content that fetches readers to spend some time with us.

Your content, while it certainly needs to comply with Google Guidelines, we would want you to ensure that your write-up is well versed with a few terms and practices like:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing etc.
  • Keywords

Well, you certainly get paid for SEO write-ups to ensure that your expertise is valued enough if it is great enough to fetch us value for your efforts.

Marketing : Write for us

Thinking on the same lines of SEO Write for Us, Marketing Write for Us is the content you would specifically be focused on writing content solely for marketing purposes.

templetonryeporkproject.com ’s Marketing Write for Us values your talent and efforts in writing attractive pieces for marketing.

What you should or you are expected to write is:

  • Writing Strategic Posts or content.
  • Show more insights on Campaign Creation.
  • Your expertise to be implemented in providing us Industry comment and analysis around social media.
  • How-to Articles
  • Topics that cover information around:
    • Generating Demand and Management
    • Marketing Automation
    • Influencer Marketing or Social Media
    • Competition, etc.

Any of this in about 800 to 1000 words is accepted with good quality and of course originality.

Write Today

As you write for us, you are simply expected to be thoroughly prepared for analyzing what’s hot.

So, questions like:

  • What we should Write Today?
  • What is new today?
  • What content or information is trending today?

You see, all of it must be creative, original, and acceptable across the industry as you write.

Business : Write for Us

You have pretty much seen how your contributions can help both of us via various writing types and here is another one for you “Business Write for Us”.

If you have the acumen to write on topics like:

  • Finance
  • Startups and growth
  • Insurance
  • Technology,
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internet
  • Computers
  • SMBs – Small Medium Businesses
  • Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs, etc.

templetonryeporkproject.com is waiting for your pitch to be sent across and make you a contributor to our Business blog.

Where can I Submit my Writing?

Looks like, you are all set to make the most of it with “Write for Us” and here we are to answer one of the most important questions that you would now have, “where can I submit my writing”.

Once you are confident about your content, all you need to do is:

  • Fill in the form at the end of this page to “Contact Us”
  • You will then have a contributor account provided by templetonryeporkproject.com
  • You can work on your piece here and simply save it for review.
  • Your piece will go through a review process and be published.

Simple deal! Isn’t it?

Blog Post Guidelines

All right! It is finally time to set some ground rules to ensure we are compliant and maintaining integrity while publishing your blog posts.

These are just a few Blog Post Guidelines; you would want to keep in mind while you write and submit your work to us:

  • Language:
    • As a global language, all your articles and content need to be in English.
  • Originality:
    • This can’t be compromised! Your content must be original and unique. Remember, the content you write should have never been published anywhere on the web.
  • Word Limit:
    • The article must be for a minimum of 600 words, although, we would appreciate it if your piece can be a lengthy one, like for 1000-1200 words.
  • Permissions to Reproduce:
    •  Your article is expected to have at least one image that you have the permission of your copyrights in public domains and it is licensed for commercial reuse.
  • Author’s Information and Permissible Content:
    • Your information and the source links shared should not promote any social malpractices which can include, however, not just limited to, pornography, racism or hatred, criminal activities, and malicious code, etc.
  • Formatting and Structure:
    • You are accountable for your piece of work to be legible, and structured to make it
      • Easy to read,
      • Include Headings and Sub-headings
      • Bold as required
      • Bullet points, and
      • Divided into small paragraphs

Well, this wasn’t to scare you at all, however, integrity is always a priority.


What are you waiting for then? Let us get started to help you to help us and create some good reads for our readers and of course, put some money back into wallets too.

templetonryeporkproject.com is waiting for your pitch, so if you are a passionate and serious content writer, Write for Us!

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