How Often To Spritz Pork Shoulder

Begin spritzing every 30 to 45 minutes once the rub has set on the meat. Spritzing the pork butt is an important step in the smoking process. Spritzing the pork will keep it moist, but it will also slow down the cooking process. How often to spritz pork shoulder I inquired how and when the world’s best pitmasters spritz their pork butts.

When spritzing a pork butt, wait until the rub has dried on the meat’s surface. Begin spritzing every 30 to 45 minutes once the rub has set on the meat. Continue to spritz until the pork butt is ready to be wrapped in aluminum foil or butcher paper.

During The First Few Hours

It’s best to leave your pork butt solitary for the first few hours of cooking. Allow it to sit on the grill and absorb the smoke without opening the lid or spritzing it. The goal of the first cooking stage is to get a nice crispy bark on the outer layer of your pork butt. And the best way to do so is to simply ignore it.

When To Begin Spritzing

The pork could take three, four, or even five hours to be ready to spritz. When the bark begins to crack, it’s almost time to spritz. When the rub no longer adheres to your tip when you touch it, this is another sign. You’re getting close to spritzing time now.

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What Happens If You Spritz Too Soon?

The rub will wash away if you spritz the pork butt too soon. If no rub sticks to your finger when you touch the pork with your finger, it’s time to spritz. You’ll notice cracks in the bark as well. This is a good indication that it’s almost time to spritz.

Because every pork butt is different and cooking temperatures vary, there is no definitive time when these signs appear. This could happen two or three hours into the cook for you, but it could take five or six hours for others. This can only be learned through practice as you learn to recognize the signs.

Spritzing the pork butt keeps it moist and keeps it from drying out. In addition, the liquid will attract more smoke to the pork bath, enhancing the smoky flavor. How often to spritz pork shoulder The main advantage of spritzing is that it slows down the cooking process, giving the fatty connective tissue more time to break down. Pork butt is a difficult cut of meat that needs to be simmered at low temperatures to tenderize.

To spritz your pork butt, you can use a variety of liquids. Apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and beer are the most common liquids to spritz pork.

Once you’ve started spritzing, do so every 30 to 45 minutes until you reach the wrapping stage. Give the pork butt a final spritz to create more steam after being wrapped. After the pork butt is wrapped in foil, you won’t need to spritz it because the moisture and juices will keep it moist enough.

  • Mopping Pork Butt

You could mop your pork butt if you don’t want to spritz it. Making a mop source and brushing the meat with a small mop brush is a common mopping technique.

You can find dozens of mop sauce recipes online, and the miniature mop and bucket can be purchased from Amazon or your local barbecue store. However, I’ve found that if you’re not careful, mopping can hurt the bark. Be careful not to brush off the rub when brushing your pork.

Guide on How To Tell If Ground Pork Is Bad?

  • Best Rub For Pork Butt

There are numerous rubs on the market& I regularly use a few favorites. On the other hand, making your rub is highly recommended if you want complete control over all of your ingredients. Simple ingredients found in most kitchens can be used to create a basic barbecue rub.

I usually make a large batch of rub and keep it in large storage containers. Rubs that you buy online or in stores often have a lot of salt. How often to spritz pork shoulder I prefer to have complete control over the salt content because, if I’m bringing the meat separately, I don’t want to add salt to my pork with a store-bought barbecue rub.

  • When To Wrap Pork Butt

Once the bark has hardened, wrap the pork butt. You won’t get a crispy bark if you wrap the pork too soon. Even if the bark is hard before wrapping, it will soften during the process.

As a result, it’s best to wait until the back is firm before wrapping it so that it’s not completely soggy when it comes out. As your pork butt reaches 150° F, start touching and looking at it every 30 to 40 minutes while spritzing. It’s time to wrap the bark once you’re satisfied with its texture.

  • When Is Pork Butt Done

The pork butt should have an internal temperature of around 200° F. If you cook it sooner, the meat will be chewy. Also, rather than just looking at the internal temperature, test the meat for probe tenderness.

It should feel like you’re poking a stick of butter into the pork when you insert the thermometer probe. Insert a toothpick into the pork, and it should come out with no resistance. Develop a sense of what a perfectly cooked pork butte should feel like. The temperature should only be used as a guide.

WeightTemperatureTotal Cook TimeResting Time (1 hour)
6 pounds220°F9 hours10 hours
10 pounds220°F15 hours16 hours
6 pounds250°F6 hours7 hours
10 pounds250°F10 hours11 hours
6 pounds(Hot and Fast) 300°F5 hours6 hours
  • Best Spritz for Pork Butt

You can spritz your pork with a variety of liquids. Acidic or sugary foods are the most common. A sugary drink will aid the browning of the meat. Spices in your spritz liquid should be avoided because they may clog the nozzle of your spray bottle. Spritz liquids that are commonly used include:

  • Beer
  • Apple juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Stock
  • Broth
  • Wine

Can You Skip the Spritz?

Many pitmasters do not wrap or spritz brisket or pork butts before smoking them. Although this method may cause your pork butt to dry out, it will result in a better bark. Make sure you’ve done everything else correctly before attempting to smoke a butt without spritzing or wrapping.

How often to spritz pork shoulder

Choose a pork butt with a lot of fatty meat, as this will help the meat stay moist. Prior to smoking, the pork butt can also be dry brined. The brine’s salt will help the meat stay hydrated while also adding flavor.

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Standard Barbecue Rub (recipe)



  • 4 cups yield
  • 1 pound of salt
  • 1 cup sugar (brown or white)
  • 1 cup paprika (sweet)
  • 1/2 to 1 cup black peppercorns, coarsely ground or cracked
  • 3 tablespoons garlic powder, granulated
  • 3 tablespoons onion powder, granulated
  • 1 tablespoon seeded celery


  • 1st step:

In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients and mix well, breaking up any lumps in the brown sugar with your fingers. (It’s easier to use your fingers than a whisk or a wooden spoon.)

  • 2 Step:

Include instructions for storing (away from heat and light) and using in lidded jars. (Per pound of meat, figure 2 to 4 teaspoons.)


  • How to customize this rub:
  • Sea salt can be replaced with smoked salt or herb salt.
  • Sugar can be replaced with light brown, dark brown, turbinado sugar, maple sugar, palm sugar, date sugar, Sucanat (frozen cane juice), etc.
  • Replace the paprika with smoked paprika, hot paprika, or chili powder.
  • Replace the black pepper with white pepper, lemon pepper, ground green peppercorns, or Sichuan peppercorns (just a pinch of each).
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of hot pepper flakes to amp up the heat.
  • A couple of tablespoons of ground cumin and/or chili powder will give it a southwestern flair.
  • In place of celery seed, use mustard seed or ground mustard.
  • It’s up to the creator of this pork shoulder to pair a good BBQ sauce with it. BBQ sauce, in my opinion, should be used sparingly and only to complement or even enhance the flavor of the pork butt.


1. Do you have to spritz pork shoulder?

Although spritzing the pork shoulder isn’t strictly necessary, it shouldn’t hurt. Before doing this, make sure the meat has been on the smoker for at least a few hours. This will allow the bark to form and the smoker to maintain a consistent smoking temperature.

2. How often should you spray meat when smoking?

Every 30 minutes to 45 minutes It’s critical to spritz the meat every half hour to 45 minutes to avoid it drying out. How often to spritz pork shoulder It also coats the meat, allowing the smoke to travel over it and adhere to it.

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