As a general guideline, allow roughly 1/3 pound of cooked pulled pork (also known as Boston butt) per person. It is what the majority of BBQ gurus advise and a certain strategy to ensure that you never run out of food.

The beef will shrink by between 40 and 50 percent while cooking, losing around half of its weight in moisture and fat.

This is true for all types of cooking, including slow cooking, grilling, smoking, and roasting the meat.

Hence, the weights of pork shoulders with and without bones vary. You would then have to measure pounds accordingly.

How Much-Pulled Pork Per Person?

Apply the rule above if your pulled pork is your main course. If it’s a side or a component of a buffet, you’ll need to alter and double the number of potato skins or a jacket potato.

You don’t have to budget for one-third of a person if you’re offering pulled pork as part of a barbecue buffet. Not everyone will likely desire a complete portion of everything.

Assume that just two-thirds of your guests will desire a full portion of your pulled pork when you serve it as part of a buffet.

Pulled Pork Calculator

It all comes down to following two straightforward rules:

Rule 1: Three persons can be fed with one pound of cooked pulled pork. Serve a third of a pound per person to make things move more smoothly.

Rule 2: Cooked pulled pork typically weighs half as much as raw pork. So, figure on getting roughly half a pound of pulled pork for every pound of raw pork.

The calculation is as simple as calculating your expected number of visitors by 0.3 pounds of pork, according to the two guidelines mentioned above.

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You then multiply it by 50% yield after that. As cooked pull pork typically reduces by half, this practically implies doubling it.

Use this as your barbecue cost estimator:

Pounds of Pork
(Raw Weight)
Number of Servings
(1/3 pound serving)
Number of Servings
(1/2 pound serving)


Take cooking a pork shoulder for 9 people as an example. There are 8 visitors left when you divide the total by three. The quantity of pork you should serve your visitors is that.

You may calculate how much raw pork you’ll need to buy by multiplying that quantity by two.

There are [9 x 1/3] pounds of meat to be served, and [8 x 2] pounds of raw pork are required.

It takes [9 x 1/3] x 2 to equal 16 pounds of raw pork.

According to this calculation, you need to buy 16 pounds of raw, boneless pork shoulder to serve 9 people.

How To Store Pulled Pork Leftovers

Put the remaining pulled pork in a jar with a tight lid and refrigerate. They can soon become nasty if left outside. It’s best to have a use in mind for them within four days after creation.

If you do have any leftover pulled pork and you know it won’t last long before it spoils, freeze it.

Use stackable bakeware or zip-top baggies with as much room around the meat as you can to allow for expansion since the meat will continue to cook as it freezes and thaws in the oven when baked.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does 7 pounds of pulled pork feed?

There will be enough meat for around 21 individuals if you multiply seven pounds by the recommended three servings per pound.

2. How much-pulled pork should I make per person?

If you want a ballpark figure, you should usually plan on serving 5 to 6 ounces of pulled pork per guest for a luncheon and 7 to 8 ounces per person for a dinner party.

3. How many sandwiches will 10 pounds of pulled pork make?

10 pounds is the maximum weight for a complete butt, which provides enough pork for about 30 sandwiches.

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